About Us

Charlottes’ Kitchen was established in late 2015 and is bought to you by the rascals and reprobates from the Duke of Marlborough Hotel. A totally different experience from the Duke which is steeped in history and tradition, Charlotte’s Kitchen brings a social contemporary  dining experience to the Bay of Islands – a funky fun atmosphere for casual dining and drinking.  Take a tour and see what you're missing!

And if you’re wondering - as many do – Charlotte’s Kitchen was inspired by Charlotte Badger and some amazing artwork by Lester Hall. And who is Charlotte Badger?

Well it’s quite a tale and no one is one hundred percent sure of exactly who Charlotte Badger is and her fate but this is our version ..… Charlotte Badger was said to be one of the first white women settlers in NZ – a criminal from the UK who stole a couple guineas and a silk handkerchief thereby finding herself sentenced to seven years' penal servitude in New South Wales at the Parramatta female factory. During her stay Charlotte became pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl.

Part way through her sentence she found herself heading to Tasmania on board a ship called The Venus to complete a lesser sentence of becoming a house servant.  This daring lady decided (along with her friend Kitty) that the prospect of servantry was not to her liking and rumour has it incited the mutiny of the crew of the Venus by convincing the men to take over the ship, joining in the fun with a fray and pistol herself.  How she convinced these men to do such a deed - well you can only imagine!

Having secured the Venus, Charlotte, Kitty and friends pirated another vessel for supplies and then The Venus, with Charlotte, her daughter and Kitty and her male friends set sail for the Bay of Islands.

This is where the tail of dear Charlotte gets a bit murkier – but it is said that she took up with a Maori Chef from and as with many historical stories the truth is not always clear – but what is clear is from all accounts, Charlotte Badger was a woman of interest, passion, strength, daring and just a little bit naughty all of which inspires us at Charlotte’s Kitchen.  


Photo Gallery

To use an old cliché a picture paints a 1000 words, this is exactly how we feel about Charlotte's Kitchen.

Food & Drink

Charlotte's Kitchen has a menu packed full of fresh, seasonal produce with flavours and influences from across the globe, including our famous pork knuckle, wood fired pizzas and fresh is best market fish.

Our Location

So there is the wharf, and the water, and then us “Charlotte's Kitchen“ right smack bang at end of the wharf in Paihia in the Bay of Islands.